Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Old 1996 Ford Tractor Parts Problem Solved

     Finding the parts of relatively old stuff, must be challenging and depressing at the same time. At least, this is what I experienced recently with my tractor. Without the old stuff, I could go to make money. Finding a solution was the only thing I had in mind or I had nothing to do for money. Finally I got it, the solution.
     I had an 1996 Ford Tractor and I wasn't able to track down the parts that I needed from my local dealer (Salisbury, NC). I drove all the way down to Stanly Tractor after a phone call. The counter man wasn't able to talk when he answered but assured me he would call right back. He called about 15 min. later and answered nearly all of my questions. They had half of the parts I needed in stock and were able to get the rest of the parts I needed for me the following day. I was very pleased.