Thursday, February 14, 2013

Getting Money by Being Freelance Writer

       I want to share something fun related to how I get money from my spare time. Well, I am an online freelance writer. I have written a lot of articles and reviews for about two years and I have no plan to stop this one because I get a lot of money even compare with my offline job as a teacher. Besides the money, I can learn a lot of things from my writing activities. Once, a client asked me to write some articles related to photography. I knew that it was out of my knowledge. However, the jobs asked required me to read more about the niche or topic so that now I know some about photography.
      You can do the same. You can earn money from your writing skill. For this, you can join and write articles for money. What you should remember is that you should follow any rules given if you really want to join the website and get paid. What I can inform you about the website is this pays you £5 per article or review your write. You get the payment through PayPal so that having a PayPal account is a must for you. You can get the money twice a month on 15th and the end of the month. The article you submit must be around 400 to 600 words count.
       There are some other requirements you should fulfill to get the money from your written materials. Therefore, it is your chance now to visit the website to get more information about how to get money by being a freelance writer. I have given the link that will redirect you to the website above. You can click the link and join the site if you think that you are qualified enough. Don’t wait any longer. Just visit the site now and take the chance of earning money from your computer keyboard.